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Fanfare Band Festival by Paul Sezonov.


'68 Ford Mustang by mitchell_vanerdewyk on Flickr.




Connected" by SpiralStone

A collection of nine rings.

This work began as an idea, came together a whole piece, and now will go out into the world as a symbol of the way in which we are all connected.



Cinderella Pencil Test

When I first saw this, I actually teared up a little. The notes on the frames make it so much more amazing. That is true art. 

Hey! I'm Martha, I'm 17 and I live in Portugal! I play saxophone alto :D I'm a JAZZ lover♪. I reblog about everything so don't be scared when you visit my blog for the first time xD

Classic rock - Classic cars - Horror movies - Halloween - Tim Burton - The 50's - Edgar Allan Poe - Matthew Gubler

My favorite series are:
● Supernatural
● American Horror Story
● Criminal Minds
● The Big Bang Theory

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