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If you don’t think this is one of the most brilliant and iconic themes in at least horror, if not cinema, history, then you’re wrong.  Just listen to all the layering of melodies, and the intricacy of composition, and how it so perfectly embodies the tone of the film. 

If this doesn’t set your heart to thumping a little faster, then you must be even deader than the Maitlands.


creamy lens!


t r u s t  n o  o n e

I’ve been looking for this gif for ages. #xfilesobsessed

Hey! I'm Martha, I'm 17 and I live in Portugal! I play saxophone alto :D I'm a JAZZ lover♪. I reblog about everything so don't be scared when you visit my blog for the first time xD

Classic rock - Classic cars - Horror movies - Halloween - Tim Burton - The 50's - Edgar Allan Poe - Matthew Gubler

My favorite series are:
● Supernatural
● American Horror Story
● Criminal Minds
● The Big Bang Theory

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